Monday, 17 June 2013


A group is calling for Ramsgate’s old swimming pool to be saved for the community.
A new group called Save Ramsgate Pool  has called a lobby of Thanet council on this Thursday, 20th June when the council is meeting to dispose of Ramsgate swimming pool in Newington Road.
The council plan to replace the pool with a smaller new pool at a new sports centre in the town, but residents fear this will mean a rise in prices due to a combination of membership fees, locker charges and car parking costs.
Max, a spokesperson for the group said: “Initially demand may be good due to the novelty of clean floors, but we believe regular use will be beyond the pocket of the majority of rate payers and potential customers, especially if they have children.

”One of the most important things we can do is teach our children to swim and putting up prices at a swimming pool is a very bad idea. It will also take a toll on the health of the community, because swimming is so important for our health.”
The Save Ramsgate Pool group is proposing that the Ramsgate Newington Road pool should be kept as a community-run swimming pool with free use for children, pensioners and those on low income.

Max said: “Ramsgate Newington Road pool is structurally sound and functioning but has been run into the ground by the Thanet private contractors with little or no maintenance of basics like shower taps and boiler.”
He claims that with the help of local companies and other organisations the pool could be renovated and run on an economic basis, and that people are already volunteering their help. 
Max said: “The council has offered 3.5 million soft loan for the new pool at the sports centre. At a fraction of this money we can have a free community, big society pool, and save a few young lives from drowning by teaching them to swim.”
The lobby of the council will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 20 June at Thanet Council, Cecil Square, Margate.
The group is also calling on anyone interested in saving the pool to contact them on 07593545837 Editors note: pictures and more information also available.

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