Thursday, 27 June 2013


KEY SPEAKER: Jeremy Corbyn MP
The People’s Assembly Against Austerity movement will hold its first public meeting in Thanet on Thursday July 4.
The movement, which aims to unite all strands in society against the policy of cuts and austerity, has been attracting thousands of followers across the country.
The first meeting of the movement, held in London on June 22, brought together over 4000 people to central London for what the organisers claimed was the biggest anti-austerity conference Britain has so far seen.
Speakers in Thanet will include well-known London MP Jeremy Corbyn, Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, Christine Shawcroft, a member of the Labour Party National Executive Committee, and Candy Udwin of Keep Our NHS Public.
The meeting has been organised by Thanet Trades Union Council, Anti-Cuts Thanet and the Green Party.
Christine Tongue of Anti-Cuts Thanet said:  “This will be an historic meeting for Thanet and east Kent. We will be coming together for the first time to discuss how to defend the welfare state from unnecessary cuts.
“The message of the People’s Assembly movement is clear – we mustn’t accept the myth of austerity – we mustn’t accept that we have to cut our public services and jobs to pay for the mistakes of banks and the finance industry.”
Christine added: “If we don’t act now, we risk surrendering the gains that have improved the lives of the majority of the people in this country for over more than 50 years.”
The meeting is at 7.30pm, Thurs 4 July, at the Queens Road Baptist Church, 2 Queens Road, Broadstairs. Kent. CT10 1NU


  1. So the huge public debt built up by Blair and Brown is a myth and even Balls and Milliband are agreeing with the spending cuts. Sorry Christine but we were insolvent at the time of the last election and spending has to be dramatically reduced. Failure to address this will mean crippling interest rates, mass unemployment and our public services curtailed a lot more that the planned budget cuts will mean. Perhaps you should stop hiding from reality.

    1. Why not come to the meeting and ask that as a question? It's something that needs to be addressed. I think Thanet is as real as anywhere and I don't think I'm hiding!

    2. If spending is cut - and lives lost or damaged - then how will a reduced debt improve lives? If the banks simply have their debts written off or rescheduled then I for one don't think that say "expensive" NHS drugs or other treatments should be removed from patients. It would be cheaper to burn down the Treasury and start again.

    3. The speakers are hardly representative of a cross section of opinion on the issue so this is hardly going to be an even discussio0n, simply an outright criticism of the present governments measure and, as such, hardly worth the effort of turning up for those of us who agree that austerity is necessary.

      Hence, you enjoy your little one sided debate, Christine, but excuse me if I give it a miss.

    4. Just another pointless socialist finger pointing session, attempting to to the finger away from the cause of the current nightmare, the last socialist government!

    5. If Mallinson's not going it might be worth attending. Austerity is necessary although TDC corruption is OK. Even McGonigal couldn't account for that one.

  2. Once again it seems that Ms Tongue chooses to illustrate the detachment from reality that has lead us to this dire position. Simply put, Brown's borrow today to try to spend his way out of the most serious depression of the last 200 years was disasterous for the UK economy, pretty much the same as has happened with every other Labour government there has ever been!

    The NHS is an anachronistic mortally wounded dinosaur, dying on it's arse, that unless is given RADICAL surgery, will die, the benefits culture MUST be addressed, and the nanny state wound back to the small government model that MUST be installed if recovery is to happen and the recession is to be finally dealt with!

    Peoples assembly, oh dear, just another noisy Red Hall whinging session, wonder how long before Driver appears on the already overburdened bandwagon...

    1. This meeting is too big for the Red Hall. It's in the Queens Rd Baptist Hall, Broadstairs. All welcome.

  3. The inability of politicians across the political divide to accept the dire straits both the world and national economy are in and to work together for a solution is to be regretted. Too much time is spent in point scoring rhetoric instead of solution with even the shadow chancellor, whilst grudgingly now admitting that Labour would have to continue the cuts, making speeches in the house full of criticism, but none of it constructive.

    The dinosaurs of the left, particularly some union leaders, seem devoid of any grasp of reality and although near bankrupting this country several times since WWII, yet again they persist with their unreasonable and unsustainable demands. That is not to say that there are not areas of policy open to discussion and one might question ring fencing overseas aid at a level above any other G8 nation whilst tightening belts so much at home, but the overall message is that we cannot simply go on as we were without facing serious and far more dire consequences.

    Some people need to get real very quickly.

  4. says a Tory councillor falling into line.

  5. IF TDC are nicking the money then I suppose there's less to be spent in Thanet? Whatever happened to KIACC and the airport fines or EKO?

  6. The Budget is ending automatic pay rises for public sector workers. Who agreed that? Anyone else with automatic pay rises?

  7. Let's hope there's a vote of no confidence in TDC and calls for a Police enquiry at this meeting.

    1. Yes, let's hope there is for I could do with a good belly laugh. How much notice do you think the police would take of an Anti-Cuts group meeting, Anon.

  8. Calls for a Police inquiry are very sensible on various issues.

    Pleasurama tax haven - Ramsgate Labour corruption

    Infratil fines and overflights and missing monitors

    Environment Agency and TDC pollution: Thor and Manston

    FOI refusals, all salaries, pensions, expenses and filming: TDC

    QEQM FOI: surgery results, infection rates

    Police FOI: drugs seized, Police inquiry

    Southern Water pollution and profits


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