Monday, 10 June 2013

Thanet Council withholds Transeuropa Documents from Councillor Driver

Last week I requested the Council's Chief Executive to arrange for me see all the documents related to the Transeuropa scandal. I have now received a reply from the Council's Legal officer, Harvey Patterson rejecting my request on very spurious grounds. I am forced to assume that by denying my request, the Council and its officer/ political leadership are is trying to cover something up. Perhaps they are worried that rules  may have broken or that the Council and its agents may have behaved improperly in setting up a 3 year secret deal which allowed Transeuropa Ferries to rack up an eye-watering  debt to the Council of at least £3.4million plus any other related debts or spending which could emerge as the saga unfolds, which you and I will ultimately have to pay for. I have published my reply to Mr Patterson on my blogsite
This issue will not go away. I will not stop asking questions and someone will eventually have to take responsibility for this appalling scandal.
Cllr Ian Driver
Green Party


  1. Having proven untrustworthy with confidential documents, it's hardly surprising that TDC won;t repeat it's errors in dealing with Driver now, and in the future.

  2. Good for you Cllr Driver, All the details of this sorry saga need to come out in the open, how could the
    non-payment of over £1 million not make it into the annual accounts. The decision to defer the debt is debatable but the secrecy is not. At the sametime as boats were being knocked down for pennies on the harbour wall for non payment of harbour dues the chief executive was allowing an enormous debt to be run up with no security. to paraphrase a a certain scouser in the royal family "Accountant my AR***"


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