Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Call for a Ferrygate Whistle-blowers to Step Forward

After being denied access to council documents about  Transeuropa’s  (TEF) £3.4 million debt to Thanet Council,  Green Party Councillor, Ian Driver, has called for whistle-blower’s  to come forward in the public interest.
Said Driver, the Ferrygate scandal  is about as serious as it gets. It calls into question how Thanet Council is being managed. How can it be right for a small group of elected councillors and senior officials to agree a secret deal which allowed TEF to rack up a sphincter-dilating   £3.4 million debt. This is ethically wrong and quite possibly breaks the Council’s constitutional rules, EU laws, and accounting rules.
I have asked the Council’s Chief Executive and its Legal Officer to see the documents related to this scandal but they have refused. I want to know what they are hiding and  will be appealing against their decision to the Information  Commissioner. In the meantime I publically call on anyone who has access to these documents, or who has inside information about the FerryGate scandal to blow the whistle and speak to the media or myself. I guarantee  I will treat anyone with information in the strictest confidence.”
“In my opinion the public has right to know how it was possible for £millions of taxpayers money to be   gambled on a failing company, without anyone knowing. It was not right and proper  and those responsible must take the consequences  for their reckless actions. It is in circumstances like these that whistle-blowers have a critical role to play and I would encourage anyone who knows something and feels uncomfortable  about what has happened to pass on your information”
“I am determined that the people of Thanet will eventually find out the truth. I have already complained to the European Commission and will be complaining to the Ombudsman, the Information Commissioner and the District Auditor. There must be some accountability and mismanagement on this scale should never be allowed to happen again”.
For commentary on Ferrygate read Green Party Councillor Ian Driver’s blog


  1. Hmm, a Thanet councillor reports Thanet council to the EU for consideration of fining TDC.

    Can Driver now please explain how instigating a fine against TDC assists the rate payers of Thanet?

    Given Drivers ill judged support for other council actions that have caused expenses to be heaped onto TDC for their illegal actions in relation to live animal exports, can he please explain why TDC's completely legal action in agreeing to a payment structure with a ferry operator is attracting Drivers opportunistic comments, and why it is Driver only seems to support illegal TDC actions in relation to the port..

    Of course, a suggestion from Driver as to what he would have done differently would be welcome, but alas unlikely to appear anytime soon.

  2. I have scant respect for TDC and Ian Driver. But I do respect the law, above all.

    The BBC News covered this subject last night. Ian Driver is pursuing TDC under the EU Competition Rules. Against this a Solicitor who specialises in this aspect of EU regulation states that in his opinion TDC has a perfect defence.

    I should welcome Cllr Driver's comments.

  3. You won't get them John, as we know, when challenged with facts, Driver melts away and awaits the next passing journalist who might believe his latest opportunist fairy story.


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