Thursday, 20 June 2013

BBC Nick Crane and Olympic hopeful Sam Brearey get behind ACTIVE RAMSGATE.

Ramsgate Town Council and Kent County Council are pleased to confirm that ACTIVE RAMSGATE, an exciting new programme designed to promote the town of Ramsgate, the surrounding area and an exciting mix of local businesses will be officially launched on the 27th June 2013 by coastal heroes, Nicholas Crane, Presenter of the BBC Coast series and Sam Brearey. National, European and World Sailing Champion.

A special Launch Lunch will kick start the celebrations at the Miles Bar in Ramsgate at 11am where invited guests can share some delicious (and locally sourced) refreshments, inspirational talks from local celebrities, art groups and businesses after taking to the road to enjoy a taste of what the Active Ramsgate programme has to offer.
A programme of activities everybody can enjoy.
Whether local residents want to discover more of the incredible history, natural beauty and attractions on their doorstep, or visitors want to do and see something different, Active Ramsgate won’t disappoint. This exciting new programme of cycling routes, walking trails, Geocaching challenges, boat rides and golf courses really does have something to offer everybody.
With a growing list of partner special offers and some of the most beautiful scenery on the south coast, stepping out has never been so in.
A range of cycling and boating activities designed for all ages and abilities.
Exciting, high-tech treasure hunts that use Smartphones to put Ramsgate on the map.
Cafés, restaurants, pubs, hotels, golf clubs… the list of local businesses who have signed up to the Active Ramsgate programme gets longer every day.
Kent’s coast line is one of the finest in Britain. It blends great scenery and history with some fantastic family activities, alongside great sailing waters.

Sam Brearey. National, European and World Sailing Champion.

“I’m a Londoner, so the dream weekend is a train to the coast to walk and bike and soak in seaside culture. Ramsgate’s got the lot.” Nicholas Crane, Presenter of the BBC Coast series.

“Active Ramsgate represents our approach to presenting and promoting the best of Ramsgate to the outside world… We hope and expect many Ramsgate businesses to take advantage of the offers within the project.” Former Mayor of Ramsgate, Councillor David Green.
ACTIVE RAMSGATE: a range of inspiring new walks, cycle routes, boat rides and geo-caching trails created to capture the interest of locals and visitors alike.


  1. Ramsgate’s got the lot.”
    Derelict Seafront,Derelict Pav,Derelict Westcliff Hall,Waterfall not working,welcome to Ramsgate!!

  2. It's also got more Nimbys per head of population than probably any other town in the world.

  3. Get Wetherspoons in the Pav a.s.a.p.
    Beer, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.

  4. WOW, can ANYONE not post anything positive!

    Ignore the nimbys, they are FINALLY on the decline as support for them is shown to be minimal!

    I for one celebrate this great news for Ramsgate!

  5. So everything in the garden is rosy is it John? You haven't just falsely accounted for £3.4M. You haven't been running a ferry port with no income for four years. You haven't had to plunder reserves and other budgets. You haven't got to cut services and staff. The Pleasurama site is nearly completed with full occupancy a hotel and shops and is a howling success. The Pavilion is all well maintained and providing a worthwhile service. The old motor museum is all up and running and a great facility. Ramsgate is heaving with visitors and tourists. Of course it is. Why cant the damned nimby's see all this. Are they all blind? Can I borrow your glasses please?

    1. LOL LOL LOL the nimbys are the cause of 99% of Thanets problems Anon. Tragically, those like who who hide behind anonimity allow them to keep bleating on as if they have some support, which the last local elections prove perfectly that they simply don't.

      I can get you some glasses to borrow, but I fear you need a LOT more help than glasses can give you.

  6. 16:54 You are confusing the use of the term 'nimbys' which is used to describe those who oppose everything like Louise and co. Then getting things right is not your strong point, is it?

  7. Anon 20.48 Nimby stands for not in my back yard. I don't see how that applies to Louise and Co whoever they are. Will you please explain where I am mistaken.

    1. If you don't know who they are Anon 23:04, then clearly your question is utterly irrelevant.

  8. Quite right, Anon 23:04, meaning all those people who do not want an airport at Manston, a Tesco at Arlington, a new development at Pleasurama because of the tsunami risk or for Whitbreads to be granted a new lease on the Pavilion and who previously opposed the Turner and just about everything else that might improve Thanet. Those are the nimbys, not people who question where is all the evidence to support such objections. They might be described as the progressives who do not routinely reject everything out of hand like Louise Oldfield, Barry James et al.

  9. Well said 16:54. I don't understand how this Active Ramsgate nonsense can have bars, cafes etc signed up for it if it hasn't launched yet? I've certainly not heard of it before this press release and Duffers Club party on the rates.

    Let's hope businesses have been asked for their permission, or paid, to feature in this council propaganda or the leaflets may need to be pulped.

    Today's "TDC Resign" banner on Pleasurama says it all - we don't want these corrupt and incompetent old fools. take down the Royal Sands banners and hoarding and the other Beachfront development further along the seafront. We don't want it or these idiot councillors and civil servants. They have failed.


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