Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thanet Scrutiny Chairman Frightened to Think about Future for Vulnerable Older Citizens

Thanet District  Council Scrutiny Panel  will be quizzing Kent County Council Social Services bosses on Monday 3rd September  about their decision to means test and charge vulnerable older people up to £40 per day for using the Minnis Bay Day  Centre, Birchington.
Scrutiny Panel Chairman, Councillor  Ian Driver said “KCC tried to close the Minnis Bay Day Centre less than a year ago, but had to retreat in the face of massive public opposition”.  
“ Some people have suggested to me that the decision to introduce fees is a deliberate ploy by KCC  to cut down on the number of people using the Centre which will then provide an excuse to  revisit the closure plans. I certainly intend to explore this theory with Anne Tidmarsh and Councillor Graham Gibbens of KCC and seek their assurances that there are no back-door closure plans”.
He went to say  “According to the 2011 census 38,000 people in Thanet are 60 or over, that’s 28%  of the total population. This is well above the national average and  means that Thanet has  the largest older population in Kent”.
“Many of  our older people are extremely vulnerable  and day centre care is a very important source of  support for  them.  Sadly , Thanet has already lost much of its day centre capacity with the closure of Age Concern Ramsgate last year”.
“ If the Minnis Bay Day Centre was to close then  it will be extremely difficult to find alternative services for the current users.   I am extremely  frightened about the future for Thanet’s vulnerable older people,their families and carers. How will they manage if important services are closed?  We need to have a major rethink about how we can support our older people”.


  1. Is this Ian Driver's latest bandwagon. If it is not beasts in trucks its old folk, that is between legalising drugs and prostitution. Are there no limits to this amazing man's talents?

  2. Looks like he's already decided where he stands - I doubt if the people he is seeing will get a fair hearing no matter what they say....

  3. What bigoted comments! - we can all can what group they belong to (Ken Gregory's Group?)


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