Friday, 6 July 2012

Sandys: “Time to Stop the Retailers’ Rip-Offs and Hidden Costs.

Laura Sandys, MP for South Thanet, today backed a new Which? campaign calling for greater clarity in how supermarkets display the unit price of certain foods.
Sandys said: “Food products are shrinking in size, yet the prices are staying the same. Labelling is being switched from grams to kilograms to mask product changes. And worst of all, retailers are selling multipacks that are actually more expensive than if the product were bought singly. The Consumer is smart and will make the right decisions if allowed, but what we are increasingly seeing are attempts by supermarkets to limit the information available to shoppers. The consumer is now disadvantaged in an increasingly challenging market.
“When food prices are rising and some families are spending up to 50% of their disposable income on the weekly shop, we need to make it easier for the consumer to spot a real bargain and eliminate rip-offs.”

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  1. Terrific. Laura is quibbling over tins of beans. How will this help Thanet's serious problems?

    Dreamland and Pfizer and Southern Water and Thor and the Manston aquifer or TDC corruption and overspend are more important than minor tweaks to tins of beans.

    After two years she's proving to be an irrelevant liability. Just like Gale.


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