Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Olympic Torch Comes to Sandwich & Thanet!

With the world watching, this Thursday, 19th July, the Olympic Torch will be passed through South Thanet. Join me and support our Torch Carriers, come rain or shine, as they travel round the Thanet Coastline. From its arrival in Sandwich at 9am, it will be carried past our homes until its departure from Margate at 1pm.
As Olympic Fever reaches its peak and in the final days before the greatest show on earth begins, this is an historic day for all of us who live here. Don’t miss out!
Torch Timings
09:12 Sandwich
Deal Rd from Dover Rd - Deal Rd - New St - Cattle Market - Harnet Street - Harnet Street - Right Turn - Strand Street - Strand Street - Left Turn - High Street - Ramsgate Rd
09:30 Great Stonar
Ramsgate Rd - Ramsgate Rd to sign 50 speed limit - CONVOY: Great Stonar - Cliffs End
09:47 Cliffs End
A256 Sandwich Rd from Foads Ln - A256 Sandwich Rd - A256 Sandwich Rd to Cliffs End Rd - CONVOY: Cliffs End - St Lawrence
09:57 St Lawrence
A299 Canterbury Rd East from Windermere Ave - A253 - B2054 London Rd
10:13 Ramsgate
B2054 London Rd - B2054 London Rd - To roundabout 3rd exit - B2054 Grange Rd - B2054 Grange Rd - veer left - B2054 St Augustine’s Rd
10:19 Ramsgate
B2054 Royal Parade - B2054 Royal Parade - To roundabout 2nd exit - B2054 Military Rd - Left Turn - Harbour St - Right Turn - King St - A255 Hereson Rd - A255 Ramsgate Rd
10:44 Broadstairs
A255 Ramsgate Rd - A255 Queens Rd - A255 Queens Rd - Left Turn - Broadstairs - A255 High St - A255 High St - Right Turn - B2053 St Peter’s Park Rd - B2053 Albion Road - B2053 Albion Road - veer right
11:36 St Peters
B2053 Church St - Left Turn - B2053 Westover Rd - Green Ln - Green Ln - Left Turn - B2052 Northdown Park Rd
11:55 Cliftonville
B2051 Queen Elizabeth Avenue - B2051 Queen Elizabeth Avenue - Left Turn - Northdown Rd - B2055 Northdown Rd - B2055 Trinity Square - B2055 Trinity Square - Veer Left - B2055 Hawley St
12:22 Margate
B2055 Hawley St - B2055 Hawley Sq - Right Turn - Mill Lane - Right Turn - High St - High St - Right Turn - B2051 Marine Dr - B2051 Marine Dr - To roundabout 2nd exit - A254 Marine Terrace - A254 Marine Terrace - To roundabout 3rd exit - A28 Canterbury
13:02 Westgate-On-Sea
A28 Canterbury - A28 Canterbury - A28 Canterbury Rd Westgate - A28 Canterbury Rd Westgate - A28 Canterbury Rd Westgate

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