Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Marine Studios

Wild and woolly surrealism at our 6 June First Friday event
If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you may still think that knitting is something that aunties torment nephews and nieces with (think garish, shapeless sweaters and weirdly ornate babywear).
The knitterknitknitknit gang are part of the knitting-is-fun revolution and ringleaders Jenny Duff and Emily Tull will spread the woolly word on Friday 6 June. These Thanet artists will explain how they create little oases of beauty in surprising places – and show you how even novice-knitters can get started.
So get ready to cast-off at 6.00pm Friday 6 June.
Want to know more? Full event details are here and you can sign-up for future First Friday updates here.
GEEK 2012 was a record-breaking success
GEEK 2012
When we set out to start a retro-gaming festival we were low on time and money but long on ideas and enthusiasm. Sometimes we thought we might have bitten off more than we could chew, but the gaming gods were with us and GEEK2012 (Games Expo East Kent) was a joystick jiggling, pixel-pumping success.
We had over 2,000 visitors, got great visitor feedback (‘fun’ was the most popular word on feedback forms), and gained the confidence and resources to plan a bigger and better GEEK2013.
To cap it all we’ve made it into the Guinness World Records. The officials were on hand to certify that 256 players took part in the world’s largest Pong tournament.
Want to know more? See the GEEK2013 Facebook page here, and the GEEK2013 website here. Sign-up for future GEEK2013 updates here.
Our Thanet souvenir-mugs are leaping off Turner Contemporary’s shelves
When we noticed that visitors to Thanet couldn’t buy decent-quality souvenirs we decided to create some. We worked with East Kent College and developed a range of souvenir mugs.
But while we’d solved the production side we were stymied by the lack of retail outlets. Enter the Turner Contemporary’s souvenir shop and their enlightened buying policy.
We’re delighted to report that the first batch of 60 souvenir mugs have sold out and the Turner have re-ordered. At the moment the mugs are produced in Stoke-on-Trent but we hope to move production to Thanet kilns before the end of the year.
Want to know more? You can buy our range of Thanet souvenirs from ouronline shop, or from the Turner Contemporary’s shop in Margate (they don’t have an online shop).

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