Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sandys: “Historic Opportunity to Reconsider UK’s Relationship with EU.”

“Hague’s EU review offers the British people an historic opportunity to reassess the role the UK should play in Europe and for us to reassert Britain’s interest in Brussels,” said Laura Sandys MP following the Foreign Secretary’s statement to Parliament today.
“This historic review is a precursor to the re-negotiation of our relationship with Europe. The review will undertake a full audit of what the EU does and how its laws impact on the UK. The Eurozone crisis has intensified the need for us to take a critical and constructive look at exactly which elements of the EU are working against our national interest. Europe’s intrusion on our way of life and values is all too evident across Thanet: our local fishermen battle against the EU’s bureaucratic quota system; our businesses are bound to comply with suffocating employment law; and our summer tourist events are limited by unnecessary health and safety directives. The Conservatives have always taken a strong stance on Europe and the role the UK should play in Brussels, so today’s Review marks the start of an important journey to reassert British democracy and values.”  
The Review will examine what are known as the ‘balances of competence.’ It will review everything deriving from EU law that affects what happens in the UK. This will require the Foreign Office to examine all the Treaties that give Europe the power to legislate, to adopt non-legislative acts, or to take any other sort of action. The Foreign Secretary’s speech to Parliament can be read here:


  1. Or, given the failure of the Coalition to solve UK economic problems it's an attempt to distract and blame the EU.

    Given Britain isn't in the Euro it's hard to see how the EU is at fault for Britain's woes!

    They may as well be blaming the African Union.

    The health and safety and employment issues mentioned are UK law rather than Europe's. A fair point on fish discharges but this has changed. And UK fishermen are as guilty as anyone of overfishing.

    An EU debate like Lords reform is irrelevant to Thanet's economic and social problems.

    What is Sandys doing on her Thanet tax salary and expenses and pension?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Generally I find Laura Sandys has been more active in the area's best interests than her predecessor who was too concerned about elevation to ministerial status to have much time for Thanet. Give me an ordinary back bencher as my MP everytime.

      As for blaming the EU, well surely the last government were not slow to blame the banks for making a pig's ear of our nation's finances, but then, isn't that what politicians generally do. All cocks ups are down to somebody else and the buck stops here is just a saying. It actually stops with anyone but them.

      All in all, Laura Sandys is a breath of down to earth fresh air compared with most politicians and seems to be more approachable and having less airs and graces than some of our local grandees.

    3. What has she done for Thanet? Largely silent seems to be the case.

      Agreed the banks bear a lot of responsibility - and the regulation of them. But blaming the EU is laughable given we're not in the Euro - supposedly in order to manage the UK economy better.


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