Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tories win free parking to help Broadstairs traders

In a bad tempered debate last Thursday, Conservatives on TDC pushed through a change to Labour's unfair parking review, which gives Broadstairs free Saturday parking in the Vere Road Car Park.  Labour had proposed the concession in the less central St Peters Park Road car park, which would not have benefitted most traders or residents wishing to use the town on a Saturday.

The Labour Party rejected a Conservative amendment to bring Birchington into line with the rest of Thanet and to reflect the stated preference of Birchington traders by allowing a full day’s free parking on Saturday instead of the first ½ hour of each day. 

TIG and Labour refused to consider the evidence provided by Cllr Bruce regarding the preference of most Birchington traders for free Saturday parking in the Albion St car park.  Cllr Cohen did not even seem to know which car park was being debated, preferring to be personally abusive to Cllr Bruce.

Cllr Chris Wells said: “Parking has become the chosen hidden tool to prop up a minority Labour administration.  With nearly 30 per cent on street parking in town centres, it is simply something all parkers can remember: 30 pence in every pound put in a parking meter pays for the political bribes to keep Labour in power.”

Tory leader Bob Bayford commented “It is a sad day for Thanet when tawdry political expedient is put before doing the right thing for our residents.”

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