Friday, 27 April 2012


A new Thanet magazine has been "overwhelmed" by stories of alleged private corruption, public incompetence and environmental cover-ups.

Mr Norman Thomas of Thanet Watch magazine, which was launched in March, said: "We knew there were some dodgy things going on locally -- we didn't know how much or how near the surface it was."

The big problem, Mr Thomas said, is checking the stories out before they can publish them.

"It's really frustrating, but we are limited by the number of people we have to deal with the things we're being told about.

 "We are a community not-for-profit publication staffed by a small number of volunteers. It takes time and careful research to make sure our coverage is true and accurate. So if there are any would-be investigative journalists out there who'd like to help, please get in touch!"

"I promise we will get the stories out -- eventually," Mr Thomas said.

The new MAY issue of Thanet Watch is out this week. It includes:

 -- "The Burning Question" -- the legacy of controversial deceased developer Jimmy Godden 

-- The passionate debate over equal marriage for same sex partners 

--What Nigel Farrage UK Independence party leader got up to in Broadstairs

-- Worrying developments in local health services

--Shops closing because of Ramsgate's new ASDA

--And a "modest proposal" to solve the problem of Margate's Arlington House.



  1. I bet all the scandal involves Tories, Tory councillors or those perceived as Tories because they have a couple of bob. Would love to be proved wrong and read some juicy item about how Mark Nottingham was ratted on, but it will not happen in this outlet.

    Well just so friend Norman knows, I will be watching and if I get a whiff of libel about anyone, I will be doing my own investigation to collate evidence to support their legal action.

  2. Has anyone asked how this rag is funded.. through charity perhaps?

  3. Well the previous Thanet socialist rag was funded the Conservative MP, so anything is possible.

    1. That sounds like a very shrewd political move because they invariably write such horse manure that it is enough to put all but the brain dead off socialism.

    2. Ren happy to discuss this with you if you have read both or either of the rags in question, in an overall sort of way I consider them both to be fairly good and with less of a political bias than one would expect.

      So if you would like to be a bit more specific about which bits, of which rag, you thought were horse manure, I will get out my folders of both rags.

      To be honest, what worries me is that the Conservatives in Thanet never seem to have managed a rag or mag to balance things up a bit.

    3. My comment, which you seem to have completely misunderstood, was intended to give a reason why a Conservative MP might fund a local Labour publication. I also said they invariably produce, not that I had read anything specific.

      I pop up from time to time with a little observation between trying to work from home, but I have absolutely no intention of being drawn into debatting such with you, for I have neither the time nor the inclination. I leave all that to the Johns, Kens, Toms, Tims and Simons of this world.

  4. It is funded by people like me who pay 60 pence for it at the local newsagents.

  5. Thanet? Scandal? I don't believe it. ;)
    Give Labour a chance to wash it all down the drain.
    Then, ensure that the Conservative crooks never get
    into power again!

  6. And, anon of 1038, manipulating parking income to offer benefit mainly to your own stronghold supporters and a couple of mavericks who keep you in power is an entirely proper use of public money. Indeed in Clive Hart's fantasy world its a fairer system. The reality is 30 pence in every pound you put in a high street parking meter post june 4 funds a political bribe to keep the minority labour administration in power.

  7. And reducing tax for the wealthy in the last budget is - what? Any kind of money policy can look like a political bribe!

  8. The highest earning 1% pay 20% of all tax. The Highest earning 10% pay 48% of all income tax receipts to the Treasury.

    There comes a tipping point where if you you increase the rate of income tax on high earners, they simply choose to move elsewhere or avoid tax or it becomes too expensive to collect.

    Therefore the logic is very clear and even Alasdair Darling made a very good point for cutting the higher rate on BBC's Money Box programme. He couldn't do it when he was Chancellor because it wasn't palatable to a Labour Government.

    So the logic and the math says, cut the higher rate slightly and income tax receiptts from the wealthy will actually increase for a number of reasons, among them high earners choosing to live in the rather than elsewhere.

    I speak from experience as I have a friend who has non-domiciled himself because he only has to pay 10% tax where he is now! With a better quality of life and easy flying range of London, can you blame him!?

  9. Look at the amended plans for 44/46 albion street which are included in the plans dated in April 2012 instead of new ones amended in june/ you think these are correct?


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