Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Conservative Group on Same Sex Marriage Motion

The Conservative Group position was outlined in the press release dated 18th April.  The Conservative Group did not believe that this was an appropriate use of Council time and resource and voted against debating the motion.  This was defeated and the motion was debated.  Of the 24 Conservative Councillors present, 2 voted against the motion, 7 voted for the motion and 15 abstained.  One Labour member also voted against the motion.

Accusations of homophobia were bandied around like confetti by Thanet Independent Group, Labour and the public gallery, including libellous tweets against members who had abstained and the Conservative Group as a whole.


  1. The most amusing thing about the night was the Conservative group voting against debating, and then actually debating the issue.

    Also funny was some of their members saying that they were abstaining because they hadn't managed to speak to all of their constituents. NONE OF THE COUNCILLORS HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO ALL OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS FOR THEIR OPINIONS ON ANY ISSUE UP FOR VOTE!!!


  2. The sad thingto see are labour and the new independents falling over each other to ingratiate themselves to each other in the pursuit of power and at the expense of Thanet. Idiots!

  3. Everyone should just kiss and make up... then get on with running Thanet!

    1. If that includes Ian Driver count me out. In fact, on second thoughts, there is barely anyone at TDC I would fancy kissing so perhaps that is a pretty daft idea.

    2. I'm sure that comes as a big relief to everyone there Tom!

    3. Oh, I don't know. Some really enjoy my whiskers.


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