Friday, 20 April 2012

Thanet Council first to support equal civil marriage

Thanet District Council is the first local authority in Kent to
officially support the Government’s proposals to enable same-sex civil

At Full Council last night (Thursday 19 April) a motion to respond to
the Government’s consultation to remove the ban on same-sex couples
being able to have a marriage through a civil ceremony was debated and

The motion also supported the proposal to allow transsexual people to
change their legal gender without having to legally end their existing
marriage or civil partnership.

Cllr. Michelle Fenner, Cabinet Member for Equalities & Diversity, said:
“I am delighted that the Council will be supporting the Government’s
proposals for same-sex marriage.” 

“Civil partnerships and marriage are two separate institutions with
two separate legal situations. In the interest of equality; separate is
not equal. Having to declare a civil partnership is equivalent to
declaring sexual orientation which amounts to discrimination.”

“Influencing the work of other agencies to ensure the best outcomes
for Thanet is one of the priorities in our new Corporate Plan. We will
send our motion to Government and show that we actively promote social
inclusion in Thanet. This is about fighting against inequality and
discrimination and as a progressive and inclusive Council we will
continue to do this.”


  1. Am I missing something here, but how does equal marriage shield one's sexual orientation. If two men say they are married to each other, I think even I in my dimmest moments could figure out that they might be gay. Whatever other reasons there may be to support the proposal, that one from our Member for Equalities & Diversities has to be the silliest.

    Mind you, the whole council is becoming ridiculous when they have such portfolios for councillors. They are there to make sure the dustbins are emptied yet we have leaders, cabinets, members for all sorts of obscure things, members opposite, points of order and silly posturing. I think Homer might regard them as a bunch of losers.

    1. If you put on an application form that you are in a civil partnership, rather than a marriage, then you have told your future employer - for example - your sexual orientation. That point may be relevant for TDC forms as well - worth checking as an organisation may be inadvertantly discriminating.

      On the ethics point: the Tory administration made a big point of making TDC a fair trade council. I saw that fair trade coffee was on offer at the meeting last week(but not public loos - but that's another matter.) That seems to me to be a purely ethical issue and nothing to do with emptying bins etc. Maybe being fair to local people might be more important than serving coffee and tea from fair trade co-ops?

    2. Many application forms also ask a person's race, gender & age. Aren't they discriminatory also?

    3. Christine, I repeat, as you seem to have a problem grasping things the first time around, if two men say that are married to each other we would have to be pretty thick to not work out they are gay. Not really sure of your point because I thought they were supposed to be proud of their orientation.

      As for your snide little comment about people before fair-trade, surely that is the whole purpose of fair trade, to help people make a living. Bet if Labour had introduced it you would be proclaiming their contribution to a better world.

      You really should be more careful because your red knickers keep showing.

    4. I wonder what other people reading this think of this level of debate.

  2. Ha Ha,

    Clr Ian Drivers posted on Thanet Life blog advising young Clr Will Scobie to combine sh**ging old businessmen at boring meetings.

    If you weren't coming out Will, you have now! Ha Ha

    1. What he said was "I do not see why a young man or lady cannot combine lots of sh**ging with boring meetings with loads of old businessmen.

    2. Only a bisexual person of questionable moral standards could advocate a young man or lady combining shagging with meetings with old business men.

    3. Something sad about middle aged men who talk of shagging! Dangerously close to seedy.


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