Wednesday, 25 April 2012

19th April Thanet District Council meeting webcast,

here is the link to the council's page

to download the video file right click on this link and select save target as or save file

It will take anything from about 5 to 30 mins to download and then can be opened in various media players FLV probably being the most versatile free one without advertising problems and is available from

This will make what is a very poor quality file just about watchable to the point where it is possible to identify some of the speakers and means that you can watch it in sections as you have time. 


  1. Thanks for providing the link. I still firmly believe that the Council should switch to downloadable mp3s and widen access to include other Committees. At present, the Council says there is little demand for this.

    1. James I can’t imagine anyone watching it at one sitting and waiting for it to download where you got up to every time you want to continue watching or leaving it open in your browser seems very cumbersome.

      I have to admit to being surprised how some of the councillors came across, pertinent to us as we vote for them and they speak for us. No need to add to that one as people can hear for themselves, even if the can hardly see.

      Perhaps the council want to keep the viewings to a minimum, so they can discontinue webcasting, the way they have published it doesn’t allow me to embed it in a blog easily.

      Did you ever find out what this costs as opposed to bunging it on youtube for nothing

  2. It costs £250 per webcast, plus bandwidth charges per viewing. I think this webcast was around 450Mb.

    Half way through, the microphone system broke down. I understand the Senior Management Team is looking what to do as they felt remedial work had sorted it out. I have to say the microphone system seemed to be alright recently until watching this webcast. Its pretty bad.

  3. When I first suggested that they webcast meetings back in 2008 I suggested that they just posted me a copy of the DVD they were already making and I would put it on the internet, for them, for nothing.

    I wonder how many officers the pay to sit there and watch the progress bar of it uploading, having just watched the thing I can't see any way the money could relate to professional editing.

    Makes you wonder really, you could do a better job with a webcam and bluetooth microphones linked up to a laptop.

  4. It took 6 days for this webcast to appear, which is pretty fast for us. Canterbury's Full Council meeting, held last night, is already uploaded - less than 12 hours after the meeting ended! There's no contest...


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