Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mobility Allowance – MP welcomes change of policy

North Thanet/Herne Bay MP has today (Thursday 1st December) welcomed the coalition Government`s decision to retain the payment of those qualifying for mobility allowance and living in residential or nursing accommodation.
“Those of us who have lobbied Ministers on behalf of our disabled constituents can only be delighted that the force of the argument in favour of the retention of mobility allowance has been recognised.  I myself have made the case for those living in, particularly,  Strode Park in Herne Bay and  in other residential homes  in Thanet and The Bay.
Superficially, it has been suggested that because people are living in homes providing sheltered or nursing care they have no need of “mobility”.  In fact, the mobility allowances have enabled residents to take a pace closer to a proper social life by facilitating visits to shops, restaurants and entertainment.  Without that money many people would have found themselves confined within the walls of their home and with no prospect of getting out and enjoying themselves.
The fact that someone is compelled to use a wheelchair, for example, should not mean that they should also be prevented from getting out to retail outlets to choose their own clothes, buy their own toiletries and make-up or visit a theatre to see a show or a public house for a drink or a meal.  This change of heart represents a very considerable recognition of the real needs of those whose lives are permanently challenging and I am delighted that their voice has been not only heard but heeded.” 

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