Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Margate FC proposals: Update

The proposed lease extensions from Margate FC for land at Hartsdown Park and 
Tivoli Park will now be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet on 5 January 2012.  

Ahead of this meeting, Cabinet members will be making a site visit to walk 
through the proposals.  This will be taking place on Thursday 22 December at 

The council's website has now been updated, please go to www.thanet.gov.uk/margatefc 
for further information.  Here you will be able to view a copy of the Cabinet 
report and to see the procedure note from the Council Leader which explains the 
purpose of the site visit.  Full information on how the public consultation was 
undertaken is also available to view.

The council will keep you informed of the decision made at the Cabinet meeting 
in January.

1 comment:

  1. They'll keep you informed, but you will probably have a wait a couple of days though, given it took that long for the Council to post the press releases on Arlington and Ramsgate Sports Centre. I see the Arlington one still has the wrong date in the text (the Planning meeting was on the 14th). Someone donate a calender to TDC...


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