Monday, 7 November 2011


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From: Clive Hart
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Dear Laura Sandys
I understand you have released a statement, part of which says:
'some councillors in recent weeks have suggested vigilante actions are needed to bring crime down'
I do sincerely hope you are not referring to any Labour councillors, who most certainly WOULD NOT call for this type of action.
In a joint letter dated 14th October 2011, Cllr Linda Aldred, Cllr Doug Clark and I warned the Police Area Commander and the TDC Chief Executive that we had serious concerns that local people might take matters into their own hands. This was following a ward surgery where more than one resident suggested precisely this course of action to us. We quite rightly warned them firmly against any such action and subsequently informed the Police and TDC at the highest level. I think you'll agree this is absolutely contrary to the description you have used in your statement.
One of my fellow councillors is a highly qualified and experienced community development worker and the other is a JP of 28 years standing. I have spent my adult life working for community cohesion in Margate, Cliftonville and across Thanet. If you are referring to our efforts in Cliftonville West to avert residents taking matters into their own hands you should urgently retract this statement and apologise.
Cllr Clive Hart

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  1. It is, sadly, no surprise to read the ‘Cliftonville three’s’ outrageous claims of threats of vigilante action, of which there is no independent evidence, nor warning from them using the proper channels.

    One wonders if the Cliftonville Three are about to claim victory for the increased police presence – a personal commitment to the area from the Chief Constable some months ago; or for the decreased crime figures - down some 2% in the last year through the hard work of those they criticise The Community Safety Partnership has good relations with the strong and supportive residents and street associations of the area. As a result of this quiet cooperation 92 cases of anti social behaviour have been investigated across Cliftonville West, resulting in evictions, Acceptable Behaviour Agreements, and referrals for mediation. The newly formed street scene enforcement team have responded to more than 600 complaints, and served more than 147 penalty notices on a quiet, consistent, daily basis. Perhaps this is just Clive Hart’s usual ongoing effort to run the area he represents down; in news releases, television appearances, and speeches; constantly undermining confidence, property values, and self esteem. But is this not a strange position for our Council’s Chairman to find himself in? How many other Civic Representatives appear in their local press rubbishing their area’s reputation?
    Fortunately,the good people of Cliftonville West, in daily contact with the officers who tackle the problems, are blessed with more robust common sense, and see their area, and their responsibilities, in a more rounded way.

    To quote Clive: “This was following a ward surgery where more than one resident suggested precisely this course of action to us.”

    No additional intelligence suggesting this may happen; more than one resident -less than three? On one occasion?

    Did the Cliftonville three approach anyone through the usual, quiet channels, or choose to leak to the press a grandstanding letter, encourage an irresponsible newspaper story, and demand others take responsibility?.

    Their actions speak much louder than their words; their post action explanations, and exhaustively described veneer of respectability, in attempting to justify what most will abhor, and understand should have been done quietly, if a real and serious threat existed, show them as Cassandra’s of doom, and sensationalist press junkies, once again.


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