Friday, 5 June 2009

Plans to promote local shopping

Plans for a new publicity campaign to promote shopping locally in the area’s high streets are being developed by Thanet District Council.

Discussions are today (Wednesday 3 June) being held with organisations that represent local traders to get their input into the promotional campaign, which it’s hoped will include advertising in local media. The campaign will promote what each shopping area in Thanet has to offer, with the aim of supporting businesses in the current economic climate.

Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel, said: “This council is committed to supporting local traders and our unique high streets that offer so much to our residents. We’re very well aware that many businesses have been going through tough times recently and we want to work with them to support them with a promotional campaign, reminding people exactly how much is available in their local town or village. Where people live within walking distance of each high street, we’ll be encouraging them to walk down to their shops and use what’s available on their doorstep. It’s about saying “why not shop locally?””

He added: “We want this campaign to be a big success and that’s why we’re talking to traders about it to get their input. Our aim is to do a big launch with them in due course when the campaign is ready to go. We’ll be launching that jointly in conjunction with the traders to ensure that we get the maximum media coverage, so everyone will be hearing our plans when everything is agreed with the traders.”


  1. Unfortunately most people rely on their cars these days, so the only real answer is to make parking both easier & free...or (preferably) start charging at Westwood Cross, Tescos, etc! The sooner people are encouraged to use their feet (walking or cycling) or public transport the better, but the high streets need a level playing field.

  2. You could not make this up. The Council kill off the town centres with parking charges, and allowing all the big stores to go to westwood Cross; and now they want to start promoting whats left?


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