Friday, 5 June 2009

More community crime fighters needed

More local people, who want to take an active role in their communities, are being asked to come forward and sign up to be Community Crime Fighters.

Thanet is the only pioneer Neighbourhood Crime and Justice area in Kent, which aims to give residents more of a say on effectively tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and get them to work more closely with the police and council.

One of the initiatives undertaken as part of this work is the introduction of a new Community Crime Fighters scheme, which gives people already active in their communities training, information and support to work with neighbourhood policing teams and councils to help make their communities safer.

To date, five Community Crime Fighters have been recruited and have already attended training events. They also receive updates on Home Office initiatives and have the opportunity to meet similar people.

With support from the Thanet Community Safety Partnership, they may also run training sessions on issues such as the policing pledge, how to have a bigger voice in the community or community payback projects.

Natasha Adams is one of the Thanet Community Crime Fighters and also the manager at the Newington Community Centre. She said: “This is all about getting people to understand their rights and get a better understanding of what the police and local authority actually do. It builds on the idea of the PACT meetings, which I am heavily involved in already through the community centre. It is making a difference, as people are beginning to stand up and report things more. It basically empowers communities, which is a positive thing and what we are trying to achieve through neighbourhood crime and justice.”

If you would like to become a Community Crime Fighter, contact Tiffany Hall on 577910 or e-mail

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