Thursday, 29 November 2012


Following legal advice, Thanet District Council has today (Thursday 29 November) had to unilaterally lift its temporary ban on the movement of live animal exports out of the Port of Ramsgate with immediate effect. On this basis, the council has also invited the transporters and owners of the Joline to drop their legal proceedings, which as they currently stand, would see a judicial review of the council’s decision to impose a temporary ban heard at the High Court on Tuesday 11 December. This follows legal advice which reveals that, in the eyes of the law, the basis on which the ban had originally been imposed could no longer be sustained. The council’s decision also comes in the wake of news that Defra has been undertaking a review into the circumstances and procedures of the transportation of live animals following the incident on 12 September, which saw over 40 animals slaughtered at the Port. Although still underway, it is very unlikely that the review will require additional facilities to be provided at or by the Port. Instead this will focus on revisions to the current arrangements. From the council’s point of view, this is a significant factor to be taken into account when deciding whether to continue with the legal case. Cabinet Member, Cllr Michelle Fenner, said: “Our position has always been to work within the legal framework to ensure the welfare of animals. The decision to impose the temporary ban at the Port was not taken lightly, following the horrific incidents in September, and we still consider this action to have been correct. “In terms of now having to lift the ban, our hand has again been forced as we are duty bound to act in accordance with the law. We have to consider our absolute obligation to protect the public purse. “As we’ve done everything in our power to get to this point, it is disappointing, however we have worked extremely hard in recent months and will continue to push the agencies involved in whatever legal way we can to ensure that the welfare of animals is protected.”


  1. No doubt we shall see how well TDC have protected the public purse when the exporters claims for damages are heard.

  2. We should be told who was responsible for this fiasco and how much taxpayers money has been wasted.


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