Sunday, 28 October 2012

Laura Sandys MP Takes Part in Newington Primary’s Democracy Week Children draw a picture of Laura kissing the Prime Minister!

Laura Sandys MP was on hand on Friday to announce the result of Newington Community Primary School’s Head Boy and Head Girl election.  The election was a great success with 11 boys and girls standing for election, and pupils of all ages taking part in the voting.
She said: “This is great example of teaching children about the importance of democracy and how to vote from a young age, as well as further improving their already excellent school spirit by letting them vote on such an important decision. I always love visiting Newington Primary; it’s a great school and an excellent example of how pupils, teachers, parents and governors can really work together. I was particularly touched by the wonderful handmade ‘Little Miss MP’ book with which I was presented based on the well-known Mr Men series. The story and illustrations were fantastic. In one drawing I’m even shown kissing David Cameron and had to tell the pupils that I was not sure that my husband would be too happy!!”
Laura congratulated the winning candidates on their achievement and presented certificates to all the candidates for taking part in the election campaign.

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