Wednesday, 17 October 2012


A fun football event with a serious social message has been organised for Thanet’s young people on Tuesday 30 October.
Taking place at Margate FC’s Hartsdown Road ground, the ‘Kick Racism out of Football’ (KROOF) five-a-side tournament has been organised by Thanet District Council’s Sport 4 NRG team.  The event is sponsored by public service union UNISON, and is open to boys and girls aged from 11 to 14 and 15 to 17 who enjoy football and fair play.
Open from 11am to 4pm, the KROOF tournament invites young people to come with friends or as part of an existing team. And the winning side will receive £100 of Sports Direct vouchers!
Many different organisations will be represented at the KROOF tournament, including Kent Police, Network Rail, StreetGames and Sainsbury’s.
The Sport 4 NRG organisers are confident that the day will enable all the young people to have fun, but take on board the message of showing respect to others – irrespective of race or background.
Sport and Leisure Officer James Gregory, said: “If the values of tolerance and empathy can be appreciated by people at a young age, they can leave a positive impression for life. And that’s why we’re so keen for Thanet’s younger generation to learn about the need to respect others – and also respect their differences.”
He added: “Events such as the KROOF tournament are designed to teach boys and girls valuable lessons in a fun and non-patronising way. And we’re also confident that the young people will also learn other valuable qualities, such as fair play, teamwork, dignity and the rewards of working together.
“We know that all the young people who take part will have a great time – and also take lasting memories home with them.”
Any parent or guardian who would like to know more about KROOF tournament can phone the Sport 4 NRG team on 01843 577 728 or visit  

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  1. Are the Serbs sending a team and some spectators! Or is it racist to make such a suggestion? If we all had pet names for each other as in yesteryear it would not matter, would it. You call me honkey I call you spade, you call me Yank and I call you limey, you call me frog and I call you kraut. At the end of the day does it really matter as long as its good natured leg pulling or have we lost that art.


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