Monday, 8 October 2012


A Broadstairs man has appeared in court and been fined, after pleading guilty to two separate incidents of fly-tipping in Ramsgate.
On Tuesday 2 October, Canterbury Magistrates’ Court heard Daniel Griffiths admit to dumping building waste from a house renovation site and also dumping household waste that was originally contained inside a removal lorry.
Griffiths (22) was convicted for leaving waste on the Manston Road, Ramsgate on or about 6 November 2011, and also on the Manston Road, Manston on 23 January 2012.
For the 2011 fly-tip he was fined £150 with clean-up costs of £149.36. And for the 2012 offence, he was fined another £150, with £255.68 clean-up costs. He was ordered to pay £100 costs with a £15 victim surcharge. The total payable is £820.04.
The clean-up costs for the 2011 fly-tip (totalling £298.72) were apportioned between Griffiths and a co-defendant who allowed Griffiths to collect the waste without checking documentation. The co-defendant appeared before Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on 28 August.
Thanet District Council’s Corporate and Regulatory Services Manager, Harvey Patterson, said: “The sites of fly-tipping offer a depressing scene, and the council refuses to tolerate such anti-social activity.
“All those who are found guilty of fly-tipping will receive heavy fines in the courts, and we hope this punishment will act as a suitable deterrent. We will not allow Thanet to be spoiled by such inexcusable and unacceptable behaviour.”
He added: “We will also pursue those who show complicity in fly-tipping by failing to show duty of care when passing their rubbish on to unauthorised waste carriers.”


  1. If you dislike fly-tippers, you should read 'The Flytipper' which is available on Amazon Kindle.

  2. If you dislike fly-tippers, you should read 'The Flytipper' which is available on Amazon Kindle.


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