Friday, 30 March 2012


A major new document, setting out what the council aims to achieve over the next four years, has been described as “truly inclusive”, involving all the parties on the council.

The development of the Corporate Plan for 2012-16 began under the council’s previous Conservative administration who decided to make it much more strategic than previous plans. This work was continued by the Labour group, who took control of the council in December 2011. Independent councillors have also been consulted on the draft plan.

The final draft has also been shaped by the results of the Putting U in the budget consultation, in which 76% of those who responded said that feeling safe from crime and anti-social behaviour was a key priority for them. This was followed by 67% who chose clean streets as a priority, with job prospects, the third most popular choice, selected by just 47% of respondents. Each of these priorities are reflected in the proposed Corporate Plan.

The Plan, which is to be reviewed on an annual basis, contains a total of 11 priorities for the council:

  1. to support the growth of our economy and the number of people in work
  2. to tackle disadvantage across our district
  3. to support our community and voluntary organisations
  4. to make our district a safer place to live
  5. to work to improve parking and transportation in our district
  6. to make our district cleaner and greener and lead by example on environmental issues
  7. to plan for the right number and type of homes in the right place (with appropriate tenure) to create sustainable communities in the future
  8. to support excellent and diverse cultural facilities and activities for our residents and visitors
  9. to support a broad range of sports, leisure and coastal activities
  10. to influence the work of other agencies to ensure the best outcomes for Thanet
  11. to protect and preserve our public open spaces

This strategic document will be complemented by service plans which will set out specific goals and targets for completion each year. The plan has been recommended by the Cabinet for approval by the Council. A final decision will be taken on Thursday 19 April.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. Clive Hart, said: “This is a truly inclusive and cross-party Corporate Plan. All of the parties on the council have been fully involved with helping to form this document and that’s exactly how we wanted it to be, as we believe in working together to get the best for our residents, wherever possible. We’ve also listened carefully to what local people have told us through the Putting U in the budget consultation. It was clear what mattered to them, with crime and anti-social behaviour and clean streets their major priorities and both are contained in the Corporate Plan. But this plan goes much further than that, aiming to improve our economy to help get local people back to work, support community and voluntary groups and get the best possible outcomes for Thanet.

“Since taking control of the council, we’ve also added in two further objectives to the Corporate Plan: The first commits the council to protect and preserve our public open spaces, as we know that they can be a valuable asset for local communities and schools. The second is that we will influence the work of other agencies to ensure the best outcomes for Thanet.

“This plan clearly sets out what our residents can expect from us over the next four years. Even though it’s a tough time for the council, with funding being reduced, we’re still committed to achieving as much as we can for the area with the resources we have.”

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