Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Thanet students are planning to go a major anti-racism demo in London on Saturday November 6th – and are calling on others in Thanet to go, too.

Hannah Bartlett and Letitia Stewart, both students at Thanet college, went to the highly successful Love Music Hate Racism festival in Margate in September. There they were inspired to go on the demo, which promises to be the biggest anti-racist event for many years.

Hannah said: ''We are urging everyone who came to the festival in September, to now come with us to make our voices heard and send an anti-racist message out far and wide.”

Letitia added: “We are taking the banner that was on the stage for the festival and we will be proud to be holding it with all the others from all over the country''

The demo, which is supported by major trade unions and leading politicians, will take the form of a march followed by a carnival in central London, where well-known performers including Jerry Dammers of the Specials and Missing Andy will take the stage.

A special coach has been laid on to take people from Thanet to the demo. The coach will leave the Royal Pub, Ramsgate at 8.30am and Cecil Square, Margate at 8.45am. Tickets cost £5-£10.
Hannah said: “Come and get on the coaches with us for a great cause.”
For more information ring Bunny la Roche on 07947 424505 email: lmhrkent@gmail.com http://www.lovemusichateracism.com/

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  1. Excellent. Good to see young people care about this, as racism seems to have increased greatly in recent years (only difference now is that it's now usually directed at East Europeans & North Africans instead of Pakistanis & West Indians).


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