Friday, 8 October 2010


Another 54 abandoned and untaxed vehicles have been removed from the streets of Thanet in recent weeks.

The first Operation Cubit, held in early September, ran for two days, with 18 cars removed. Of those, 10 were Ramsgate, five from Margate and three were taken from Westgate and Birchington.

Another operation, lasting a week, ran from Monday 27 September until Friday 1 October. During that time, 38 cars were taken away, with 14 removed from Ramsgate and 10 from Margate. The remainder were found in Broadstairs, Cliftonville, Westgate and Birchington.

Operation Cubit is led by Thanet District Council, with help from Kent Police, Kent County Council, the DVLA and Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

So far this year, four different operations have seen a total of 124 cars taken away. Once a vehicle is removed, owners have to pay £260, plus storage costs, to reclaim their vehicles. If they tax their vehicle within two weeks, then £160 of this is refundable.

If they fail to either tax the vehicles or declare that they are off the road, then a follow-up visit is made to see if the vehicle is still being driven illegally and, if it is, it will be removed. If owners do not claim and pay for their vehicles, then they will either be crushed or sold.

Abandoned vehicles can be reported by calling 01843 577066.

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