Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Broadstairs singer Sarah Hale will be “going cabaret” in her concert in her home town on Saturday 6th November at the Sarah Thorne Theatre Club.

As well as her established repertoire of classical songs and traditional British melodies, Sarah will be performing a variety of sensational numbers including sexy show-stoppers from the musical Cabaret and other hit shows.

“People who’ve seen me perform me before are in for some real surprises,” Sarah said.

The new flavour to her latest performance will mark an important departure for Sarah.

“Switching between different styles of singing is one of the hardest challenges you can undertake,” she said, “and understanding how you do that successfully has become a quest for me.”

“I think I’ve made some real discoveries in this area and this concert will be a chance for me to put some of these ideas into practice.”

Three years ago Sarah took a masters’ degree in music performance in Christ Church Canterbury University, where she won the prestigious Metropole Arts Scholarship and the Alan Parnell competition.

Since then she’s been performing across the country and made successful appearances in Belgium and Holland

In addition to performing, she also teaches singing and works in the field of speech therapy. She said: “I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing capacity and versatility of the human voice. The key to it all lies in your mind – what you think you can do, you will be able to do.”

As well as songs from the musical Cabaret, Sarah will be singing songs by Stephen Sondheim and Kurt Weill, and numbers from hit musicals. The second half is made up of classical songs, inspired by folk music and traditional melodies set by British composers.

This concert will be performed on Saturday 6th November at 7.30pm, at the Memorial Theatre, Hilderstone, Broadstairs. All seats at £8.

Seats are bookable in advance from the Box Office on 0845 2626263. Whilst the 24 hour booking rule applies to non-members of Sarah Thorne, seats can be reserved by telephone or on the 24 hour on-line booking service at info@sarahthorne-theatreclub.co.uk .

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