Friday, 8 October 2010

Conference a Go-Go

With the conference season at its end, what have the three main parties revealed about their intentions? While I didn’t attend the Lib Dem gathering, it felt from a distance that there was a thoughtful mood amongst attendees – the party seemed to be positive about its role in Government but also examined what this meant for the party. The big split the media were desperate to see just didn’t materialise. And I’m sure that even Clegg was surprised by the positive reception he was given.

Labour’s conference was clearly the liveliest. The saga of the Cain and Abel Miliband brothers’ race for the leadership clouded out any policy announcements. From my understanding the conference was a combination of tumbleweed in the corridors while Labour MPs were sharpening their knives to criticise their colleagues. However, the unions must be thrilled by their comrade Ed who is now in a position to deliver on their agenda – public sector strikes seem to be the mantra.

For our part, the conservative conference has been professional and workman life. The reality of the difficulties left by the last Government are now known and the challenges are evident in each and every Minister’s speech. We’re not taking anything for granted and know that the next few years will be tough. Activists are much more supportive of the Coalition now they’ve seen it in action – so no splits here either. But the overall message from the conferences is clear: it’s going to take two parties working in the national interest to sort out the mess left by the other party.

To read David Cameron’s speech click here
to watch David Cameron’s speech click here

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