Friday, 16 July 2010


People who are in debt and having problems paying their mortgage or rent are being targeted with a new debt advice service called Home Debt Help, being run by Thanet District Council.

The council’s Housing Options Team has set up the service, which has been funded by government money. The cash was given to the council, after Thanet was identified as one of 86 repossession hotspots across England, based on court applications for repossession and evictions and redundancies.

The scheme is aimed to help anyone who is in danger of becoming homeless, due to either repossession of their home or eviction. It can also help those who have unexpected bills, debts or large credit card or personal loans.

Advice is available on the Mortgage Rescue Scheme, which aims to help householders, who have seen their income change dramatically and need help in paying their mortgage. Another part of the scheme is the government mortgage to rent, which aims to help those on low incomes with little chance of paying a mortgage.

Other help on offer includes finding alternative accommodation if homelessness is unavoidable, information on a range of housing options and suggestions to maximise your income.

Cllr. Chris Wells, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “This scheme aims to stop people from becoming homeless. It’s a sad truth that Thanet has become a repossession hotspot, but the money for this scheme is aiming to tackle that problem. The key thing people need to keep in mind is that we need them to come and talk to us at the earliest possible opportunity. Even if you think your case isn’t serious enough, let us know the position you’re in and our officers can advise on the best way forward and look at how to help keep you in your home.”

The service is free and confidential and, to find out more, call 01843 577277. You can also get advice at

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