Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Laura Elected to Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

“I was very privileged to have been elected onto the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee last week. It will be examining and scrutinising the work of the Department and I am sure that we will support a much stronger response to the energy insecurity that has been the legacy of the last 13 years. I have been involved with many aspects of energy policy not least promoting Thanet’s role in the renewable sector which I believe is a very important opportunity for Kent.

“It will also be important to look at the impacts of climate change whether this be an increase in flooding, diminishment of agricultural land, food price rises, or increase in migration. The policies that we need to put in place will be inter-departmental, national and international, and we will need to ensure that our national interest is our priority. I have been already working closely with the Environment Agency, on local issues regarding climate change not least the flooding issues related to Sandwich.

“It is a big responsibility to sit on a committee and hope to be able to use my experience to ensure that in the future we can benefit from energy security and put in place the measures to diminish the impact of climate change in the future,” said Laura Sandys MP for South Thanet and Sandwich.

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