Tuesday, 6 July 2010


The election process to fill a casual vacancy at Cliffsend Parish Council has started.

If the election is contested, with more candidates than vacancies, then an election to fill the vacancy will be held on Thursday 5 August 2010. Polling would take place at the Village Hall, Foads Lane, Cliffsend between 7am and 10pm.

Those electors whose names appear on the Cliffsend Register of Electors would be able to vote at this election. To check that your name has been included on the Register of Electors or if you require a form to be registered, then please contact Thanet District Council’s Electoral Services team.

The deadline for the receipt of claims to be registered as an elector for this election is Wednesday 21 July 2010.

The issuing of poll cards to electors at Parish Council elections is at the discretion of the relevant Parish Council.

The deadlines for the receipt of completed absent voting application are as follows:

New postal voting facilities – 5.00pm on Wednesday 21 July 2010;
New proxy voting facilities – 5.00pm on Wednesday 28 July 2010.

Application forms for the absent voting facilities or claims to be registered as an elector are available by contacting the Electoral Registration Officer on 01843 577500 or by e-mailing electoral.services@thanet.gov.uk. Completed application forms must be received by the Electoral Registration Officer by the deadlines stated above.

The nomination process for this vacancy finishes on Wednesday 14 July and it is only after this date that it will be known whether an election is needed or not.

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