Friday, 16 July 2010


One part of Cliftonville, described as providing “a fine example of good historic seaside architecture on a national scale” has been added to the list of Conservation Areas in Thanet.

Members agreed last night (Thursday 15 July) at a meeting of Full Council that Dalby Square should be designated as a Conservation Area.

The idea has been widely supported by local residents and community groups, who gave their views at a series of drop-in sessions at St. Paul’s Community Centre. Letters were also sent out to every resident in the area, asking for their opinions.

English Heritage has also given the project its backing, describing Cliftonville as a “strong candidate for designation as a conservation area.” Reasons given for that view included the historic street pattern of the area and the strong character of the buildings.

Cliftonville bears the same relationship to Margate that Hove has to Brighton, developed in the mid 19th century as a planned extension of the town to provide an exclusive seaside resort.

Cllr. Simon Moores, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Regulatory Services, said: “The designation of Dalby Square as a Conservation Area is one that we know will be warmly welcomed by local people, who have given the idea their backing. English Heritage have already told us that they would be prepared to support us in a number of different ways, if a conservation area is designated, which is really good to hear. Designating Dalby Square as a Conservation Area may now open up the possibility of external funding for the area through various heritage-related schemes and our officers will be working to see what potential financial opportunities exist for this part of Cliftonville as a result.”

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