Monday, 26 July 2010

Call for A257 to become a B Road

Sandys and Brazier ask for the A257 to be designated a B Road to relieve villages from HGV shortcut

“The villages along the A257 have for years suffered from large lorries and fast traffic taking the short cut from the Sandwich Roundabout to Canterbury and visa versa rather than going along the Thanet Way. We are calling on KCC to re-designate the road to a B road and that signage directs traffic along the new East Kent Access Road rather than through the villages of Shatterling, Wingham, Littlebourne and Bramling,” said Laura Sandys and Julian Brazier MPs whose constituencies are impacted.

“This has been an ongoing problem for the villages and there have been many accidents along the road with large foreign HGV’s finding their way onto a road that would never be designated an A road today,” said Julian Brazier MP for Canterbury.

“The new East Kent Access Road offers us an excellent opportunity to get the signage changed, the road designated appropriately as a B Road and for lorries to be directed onto the large trunk roads rather than through delightful rural villages”, said Laura Sandys MP for the Stour Villages.

Local County Councillors, District Councillors and Parish Councillors are supportive of this request and all hope that the decision can be made in conjunction with the opening of the East Kent Access Road

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