Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tomorrow Please Cast Your Vote

There is only a day before the election starts and you are able to cast your vote.
This is such an important election for this country and I urge you to vote. This is not a plea for a vote for me, but a vote for any party will ensure that the British people are keeping the faith in our democracy even if trust in those who have served it has been badly damaged.
For my part I would of course like to ask you to vote for me.

I have been working full time as your Conservative Candidate, living in the constituency, listening to the concerns of residents, and meeting thousands of people on their doorsteps.
Having been a governor of two local schools, I am dedicated to ensuring all our children get the best education. I have actively supported patient charities and am committed to our local NHS.
Saving essential local services is vital. I have worked with local residents to prevent the closure of two post offices, and I spearheaded the campaign to save our bus services, serving our senior citizens.

I have launched new projects to boost local jobs. Destination History aims to increase off season tourism and deliver year long jobs. I also ran the Marine Energy Summit launching our bid to attract more jobs locally in a growing green energy sector.

You need a champion with new ideas and the energy, conviction and determination, so that together we can achieve a better future. Please give me your personal support to be that strong voice in Parliament fighting on your behalf.
Laura Sandys

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