Tuesday, 11 May 2010


A planning application to build a new wind turbine at the Marlowe Academy in Ramsgate has been withdrawn.

The plans had been put in for a 25 metre high turbine, which would be located alongside the school's 400 metre running track. It would produce power for the school, with estimates suggesting that it would contribute 17% of the school's annual energy consumption.

Officers in Thanet District Council's planning team, who had been considering the application, raised concerns that they had not received enough information for them to properly assess the likely noise impacts on nearby homes.

As a result, the application has now been withdrawn and is likely to be re-submitted at a later date with the information that officers had requested.

Planning Applications and Enforcement Manager, Simon Thomas, said: "The Government is aiming to tackle the effects of climate change and reduce CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy sources. The council is encouraged to support such schemes, but we also have to consider any environmental issues, such as the noise impact it could have on nearby homes."

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