Thursday, 20 May 2010


How safe do you feel in your area? New results show almost 90% of local people do feel safe in their part of Thanet during the day.

The question was asked by the Thanet Community Safety Partnership as part of their Local People, Local Places survey. The results helped to shape the Partnership's annual plan, which sets out its priorities for the next year.

After dark, the number of people who felt safe dropped dramatically to just 38%, with 34% saying that they felt unsafe once night sets in.

The reasons for that centre around stories in the media, with two thirds of people questioned saying that news locally and nationally made them feel unsafe. 62% of people also said they were intimidated by large groups of youths, while one in three people felt unsafe, as a result of stories they had heard from friends, family or neighbours.

More than half of those who responded thought that more places for people to go would help to reduce crime in their area. People also believed more enforcement and more activities for young people would help.

People were asked what the biggest problem was where they lived, with 62% rating rubbish or litter as either a very big or fairly big problem in their neighbourhood. Vandalism, graffiti and other deliberate damage and teenagers hanging around the streets were the other major causes of concern for residents.

Community Safety Manager, Mark Richardson, said: "These results will help to guide what we do over the next year, as we work to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Thanet. Now we know what issues matter most to our residents, we can ensure that our resources are targeted to dealing with those problems."

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  1. I think this is an appalling indictment of Thanet. If only 90% of people feel safe this must mean that 10% of people don't feel safe even in daylight. As for the night-time statistics, it almost beggars belief that anyone would publish figures this bad without preparing their resignation. I guess the problem is that the people we pay to run our towns have no standards. I would suggest that the figures for people feeling safe should be well up in the nineties, day and night.


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