Friday, 27 November 2009

MP joins campaign to stop violence against women

Stephen Ladyman MP has joined the 'White Ribbon' campaign to oppose violence against women and girls.Stephen said:"The White Ribbon campaign is a mens' campaign. It is about men showing that violence against women and girls can never be tolerated. There is never an excuse for violence against women and those men out there who do use violence need to be told that we have no respect for them. All men should wear their white ribbon with pride to make it clear where we stand."Attached: Campaign press release and photo of Stephen Ladyman MP

Men working to end male violence

White Ribbon Campaign UK
Birchcliffe Centre, Birchcliffe Road,
Hebden Bridge HX78DG UK
Phone: 01422 844675
Mobile: 07941 597584
Charity Number: 1123874

Labour Supports Ending Violence Against Women on White Ribbon Day

On November 25, the United Nations’ Elimination of Violence Against Women Day and White Ribbon Day, Labour MPs united in their support to end violence against women. The White Ribbon Campaign, the largest international organisation targeting men to work towards ending male violence against women, was present at Westminster to photograph Labour MPs wearing their white ribbons. As Chris Green, chair of the White Ribbon Campaign UK said, “Parliamentarians enter parliament in order to make their community a better place. There is no more important way to do this than by working to eliminate violence against women.”

Every week in the UK, 2 women are killed as a result of domestic violence. There are countless victims of sexual assault, rape, incest, forced marriage, FGM, trafficking, and honour killing. The White Ribbon Campaign is therefore very supportive of the Home Office’s new strategy, “Together We Can End Violence Against Women and Girls,” which was released on November 24. We look forward to working closely with the Home Office, and Labour’s Home Secretary Alan Johnson, to ensure that this strategy is successful.

Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Gordon Brown MP, said: “Violence against women and girls is an obscenity. That is why we are taking action to bring perpetrators to justice and protect and support victims. A fair and responsible Britain has no place for violence of any sort.”


  1. Very pleased to have the endorsement of Stephen Ladyman. If anyobe in the constituency wants to develop our campaign for WHite RIbbon towns or our White ribbon education work please contact our office . We operate independently from an y public funding and so rely very heavily upon our volunteers to develop the campaigns locally.
    Chris Green WRC Director

  2. thanks for the read i have a stop the violence campaign check it out sometime


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