Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Euroferries confirm positive news

It’s full steam ahead for Euroferries even though the November start date has been delayed. Positive news on bookings enquiries confirms Euroferries belief that the Ramsgate Boulogne channel crossing will be a welcome addition to current services for those wanting a fast, efficient and cost effective service.

Euroferries is working with all relevant parties to provide both the local community and future customers with the quality of main stream travel service that they expect. Key benefits including free travel insurance and pre-boarding lounge facilities with tax free shopping and café add to the special experience promised to a Euroferries traveler.
Website bookings are being taken now for 2010 and new launch dates will be published as soon as possible.

For booking information please go to the Euroferries website at:
For customer service please call: 0844 414 5355


  1. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. "Once upon a time ......"

  2. Is this not exactly the same information we've been hearing all along?

    I'm not having a go but it doesn't inspire confidence when dedlines keep passing. Why not just announce a realistic start date instead of stringing us along for the best part of a year?

  3. Oh dear! This company has lost all credibility in terms of its ability to start a ferry service from Ramsgate and will probably try and blame TDC for not getting Ramsgate ready! 12:59 says it all!

  4. So you can book for 2010 but they don't have a launch date.

  5. Lets hope the director of finance has not already spent the money or that will be another million in the black hole 2.8 million and going up or is it down.
    Never mind we can always buy a new carpet for the office that will cheer me up.

  6. My confidence is now restored. Did I not hear a Thanet councillor say that all is now ready in Ramsgate but they have no idea if the French side is ready? Or come to that, whether the French know anything about the project at all.

  7. "tax free shopping"

    Another fairy tale ?

  8. 'bookings enquiries' - if that means hits on the booking engine, I've checked at least 50 times and never booked a thing !

    I wouldn't base a business model on that.

  9. The amount of times they have said this... I have as much faith in this as I have of TDC getting on and being considered a good council. IE None at all. I will believe it when and if I ever see it, in person, with my own two eyes.


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