Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A Margate man has been sentenced to a 240 hour Community Service Order and ordered to re-pay £5,000 of benefits he had falsely claimed.

Tony Wooller (43) from Staplehurst Gardens pleaded guilty at Thanet Magistrates Court today (Monday 23 November) to two charges of failing to promptly declare a change in circumstances to Thanet District Council.

As a result, he was overpaid £7,090.21 of Housing Benefit and £1,252.18 of Council Tax Benefit.

He pleaded guilty to not informing the council that he had had a pay increase and that he had completed overtime at the shop he worked at. He was ordered to complete a Community Service Order of 240 hours over a 12 month period and was also ordered to pay £350 towards the prosecution costs.

A £5,000 Compensation Order was made by the Magistrates, which is the maximum they can award, although the full £8,342.39 is to be re-paid by Mr. Wooller.

Any changes in circumstance need to be declared to Thanet District Council and this can be done by calling the council on 01843 577000, although written notification will also be needed. To report a suspected fraud, please call 01843 577369.

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