Tuesday, 3 November 2009


A major clean-up, lasting four weeks, has been carried out, after large amounts of rubbish were dumped at a property in Manston.

Thanet District Council’s Environmental Protection Team became involved, after receiving complaints from local people and following an article in a local newspaper, about the problems at the Old Mushroom Farm, Manston Road.
They were able to locate the owner of the property, who lives abroad, and their agent in the UK. They were all unaware of the state that the land was in and the amount of rubbish being dumped there.
The council worked closely with the owners, e-mailing them pictures of the site and details of the problem, prior to site visits being carried out. The agents employed a local firm to clear away the rubbish and secure the site, which took four weeks. Rubbish removed included hazardous waste.
All open entrances have been bolted shut and the windows boarded up, with soil bunds constructed at both the side and front entrances to prevent access and any further fly tipping. Since the work has been completed, there have been no further complaints of dumped rubbish in the area.
Environmental Protection Manager, Penny Button, said: “The owners of this property were understandably horrified when they found out about the condition of the site and worked with us to get it cleared up. This is a great example of how the council can work with a land owner to resolve a problem, without the need for formal notices or legal action.”

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