Friday, 27 November 2009


Local residents who want to know more about planning decisions affecting their area or see future council agendas can now sign up to receive electronic updates and can find out election results once they are declared.

The new subscribe to updates system works through the "council and democracy" section on the council's website at and allows people to set up an account, where they can specify what information they would like to receive in the future. It can be broken down to planning decisions that affect only the ward that you live in or you can sign up for updates for everything that's published in relation to all the Council's committees and wards.

To subscribe to updates, you will need to visit and follow the link to "subscribe to updates". You will need to register as a new user, entering your details, including an e-mail address and password. Your account can then be activated with an e-mail sent to your address.

Once you click on that link, you can then login and choose which committees or wards are of interest to you. Subscribers will receive, at most, one e-mail each night that lists links to any items matching their criteria.

For the Dane Valley by-election on Thursday 3 December, results will be posted within a few minutes of their announcement. There will be a link on the front page on the day of the election, which will take you directly to the results page. It is estimated that the results from this by-election will be known sometime around 11pm on Thursday 3 December.

Future election results, including the 2010 Parliamentary elections, will also be published on within minutes of the results being announced. As there are legal restrictions on who can attend election counts, this will be the quickest way of finding out the results for the vast majority of people.

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