Friday, 30 October 2009


Action has been taken in Cliftonville to tackle problems of drinking in the street and cycling offences.

Both issues were raised at meetings of Partners and Communities Together (PACT) in the area, with concern raised about drinking on the street, mainly around St. Paul's Church. As a result, local officers have taken action, pouring away drink from those consuming it in a pubic place.

Another issue raised was about cycling offences, mainly in the Northdown Road area and five Fixed Penalty Notices have now been handed out to cyclists on pavements. Others have been advised that they should be wearing reflective clothing and lights when they are riding in the dark.

Lacy Dixon from the Thanet Community Safety Partnership said: "It's clear these initiatives are having an impact and are helping to tackle some of the problems identified by local people. The word has certainly spread about the crackdown on street drinking and there has been a noticeable reduction in drinking since these measures were first introduced. Local people have also commented on the drop in cycling offences. Again, they've seen the local officers out, handing out either advice or fines to cyclists and the messages on this problem is also doing the rounds."

For more information on the work being done in Cliftonville to help tackle local people's priorities, contact Lacy Dixon at the Thanet Community Safety Partnership on 01843 577608.

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