Monday, 26 October 2009


Ten more Thanet residents have undergone the training to become Community Crime Fighters in the areas they live in.

They attended a Home Office event in Brighton, following a previous event in Southampton that trained four local people. All the residents are part of community groups already or have a significant interest in local concerns.

Community Crime Fighters are part of the Home Office led Neighbourhood Crime and Justice initiative. Thanet was chosen as the only Neighbourhood Crime and Justice pilot area in Kent, with the Thanet Community Safety Partnership leading on this work.

As well as Community Crime Fighters, the pilot also focuses on community payback and giving back to society, seeing justice done by advertising action taken by the police and council against offenders to the local community. Other parts of the initiative are improved services for victims and witnesses in anti-social behaviour cases and improved ways of engaging with the community.

The residents were given a much better understanding of these issues on the day and had the opportunity to ask key government figures questions about the future of policing and council plans to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. Residents also took part in workshops and had the opportunity to discuss their opinions and concerns with other residents from across the country.

The Thanet residents were so impressed with the knowledge they gained on the day, that the majority now plan to apply to do a two day training course in Chester, which is a more intensive experience that will give them more expert knowledge to lead community groups and educate others. They will also have the opportunity to apply for a pot of funding at this stage to make small improvements to tackle local concerns.

Carol Russell and Chris Carter of Ramsgate said: "We learnt so much and it will help us greatly in the future to try and make our neighbourhood not only safer, but a more enjoyable place to live in. We now both intend to go on the advanced training in Chester."

Neighbourhood Crime and Justice Coordinator, Tiffany Hall, said: "I was really proud of the residents that came along to Brighton. They all made a great impression, got really involved, and spoke honestly about their feelings about anti-social behaviour in Thanet and what improvements could be made. With the knowledge they now have, they will be able to go back to their respective community groups and pass on information about the policing pledge, tools and powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and what services the public should expect from the government and local crime fighting agencies".

There is one more opportunity to attend a community crime fighter event, on Wednesday 25 November 2009 in London. For more information, contact Tiffany on 01843 577910. The events are free to attend, transport costs can be claimed back and lunch is also provided.

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