Friday, 23 October 2009


New survey results show how popular sport or physical activity is amongst Thanet's young people.

The survey was part of the registration process for the Summer Sports Programme 2009, produced by Thanet District Council's Sport Matters team.

Of those responding, more than 90% said their children take part in some form of sport or physical activity outside of school, with almost half participating in activity for between one and three hours a week. A quarter take part in between four and five hours of activity each week.

Other results showed that more than half of those who responded were members of local sports clubs, with football and swimming the most popular clubs, following by running and martial arts.

The survey also asked about which activities children would like to see, with football and ice-skating the most popular responses. In total, 29 different sports were listed in answer to this question, ranging from ice skating to korfball and gymnastics to karate and rock climbing.

The results come after a successful summer of sports activities for young people, with hundreds taking part over the school holidays, including 548 at one event alone, the Summer Slam, that was held at Hartsdown Park. The summer sports programme attracted over 3,000 attendances from those five to 18 years, across the five weeks of activities.

Sports Development Officer, Martyn Cassell, said: "These results are exceptionally encouraging and highlight how important sport or physical activity is for many young people. That's something we've seen in the Sport Matters team with the huge range of activities that we put on during the year for young people. The numbers taking part over the summer holidays were excellent and just demonstrate the enthusiasm that many young people have for sport."

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