Friday, 30 October 2009


A Ramsgate man has been fined a total of £350 and ordered to pay costs of £100, after he pleaded guilty to dumping rubbish and failing to have a waste carriers licence.

Thanet Council's Environmental Protection team were contacted in May by the local Kent County Council community warden, who alerted them that rubbish had been dumped behind Minster sewage works, just off Marsh Farm Road.

A three piece sofa, two rugs, pieces of wood from broken furniture, grey plastic furniture and builder's waste were all dumped on the ground.

Following enquiries, Neil Jones from Highfield Close, Ramsgate was charged with transporting waste without being registered and dumping rubbish. He pleaded guilty to the charges at Margate magistrates court and was fined £100 for the first offence and £250 for the second. He was additionally ordered to pay £100 costs and a victim surcharge of £15.

Environmental Protection Manager, Penny Button, said: "This case highlights the true cost of dumping rubbish, which came to nearly £500 for this person. It's a stiff penalty to pay and if you want to transport waste as part of a business, it's so much easier to register with the Environment Agency as a Waste Carrier and to ensure that the waste is properly disposed of. Dumping rubbish should never be an option. It's something our residents want us to clamp down on and, where we can find the evidence, we will take action."


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