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Following Labour Group Leader Cllr. Clive Hart's call for an official investigation into Conservative 'Panama Man' Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst (letter handed to Chairman at last Thursday's council meeting - see below), Thanet District Council have now finally advertised the vacancy for a council member in Dane Valley Ward (today 19th October). This is just a few days before Cllr. Broadhurst could have been sacked for not attending any TDC meetings for a period of six months.

Please therefore find attached a copy of a letter from Mr John Edwards of 14 Upper Dane Road in Dane Valley ward officially calling the election. Mr Edwards is extremely angry about the poor representation Dane Valley has received for the past 2 years and is happy to be contacted on 01843 291750 (to discuss).

Please also find below a copy of the letter Cllr. Clive Hart (Labour Group Leader) calling for an investigation into Cllr. Broadhurst's behaviour.

Cllr. Clive Hart
28 Clarence Avenue, Cliftonville,
Margate, Kent. CT9 3DP
Leader of the Opposition - TDC
Dear Cllr. Sheldrick
Since the local elections in 2007 the council has been ridiculed in the press and on the internet because of the behaviour of Conservative councillor Stephen Broadhurst who has apparently spent a great deal of time on the other side of the world in Panama.
On 30th July, at a one-to-one meeting with Cllr. Ezekiel shortly before the TDC Leader left for his summer holidays, I asked him exactly what he was going to do about Cllr. Broadhurst, his apparent lack of availability for the residents of Dane Valley Ward and the excessive time he spends in Panama? Cllr. Ezekiel responded with the words "if and when it should become a problem, I'll ask him for his resignation".

On the morning of the 27th August, in a written communication I then formally called on Conservative Deputy Leader - Roger Latchford - to take the action that Cllr. Ezekiel appeared extremely hesitant to take himself and call for the resignation of his Conservative colleague - Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst.

On the afternoon of 27th August, Cllr. Latchford phoned me to inform me that Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst would now be resigning his post at long last. Cllr. Latchford's actual words were "the resignation letter may take a little time; it's got to come by snail mail from Panama".

On the 4th September, the TDC Chief Executive confirmed in writing to Council Members that he had received a letter of resignation from Cllr. Broadhurst and that it would be effective from the 30th September.

On the morning of the 2nd October I contacted TDC to ask why Cllr. Broadhurst's resignation of 30th September was not on display at the TDC offices.

On the afternoon of the 2nd October Councillor Broadhurst's resignation letter was announced ineffective by TDC.
I was later informed that Cllr. Broadhurst has since supplied his resignation yet again (that is - since the 2nd October) but that it was this time dated for a day, well after tonight’s council meeting.
With the current feeling in the country as a whole regarding MP’s and their expenses, I therefore write to demand a full enquiry into Councillor Stephen Broadhurst, his actual home/residence during his years as a councillor at TDC and up to what point his allowance will or is being paid by TDC.
To restore any kind of confidence in TDC it is essential that these facts are made public ASAP!
Cllr. Clive Hart
(Leader of the Opposition).
Tel. 01843 298770
Mob. 07980 652 896

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  1. come on thanet people wake up ! thanet district council should try to make mr.broadhurst return to the uk and explain himself, or organise a warrant for his arrest for obtaining money by deception for money paid to him for a job he did not do, the wearing of panama hats was just what mr.biggs did when wearing a british police hat whilst laughing at the uk authority, i am self employed and if i got paid for work for the council and did not do it i would be in court, however if i was a cllr would i be in court ??


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