Monday, 30 September 2013


Thanet Watch magazine has published more details of embarrassing emails relating to the row over Ramsgate seafront.  

The controversy began in August when the magazine received an email from the Canterbury based Cardy Construction company relating to the controversial Royal Sands seafront project.

The email suggests a director of the company took a call from “the chief exec” of Thanet District Council, asking for an “off-line chat” about the much-delayed development.

Cardy said the email: “was edited and issued by an unauthorised person within our organisation.”

Now the magazine is publishing more details of emails between the magazine and the company.

Thanet Watch editor Norman Thomas said: “There has been much speculation about the authenticity of the email. We’re publishing the full details of the correspondence to enable people to make their own minds up.

“Something very strange is going on with Ramsgate seafront and we should be told more.”

Also in the new issue of THANET WATCH magazine…




The new October issue of Thanet Watch is on sale in newsagents across Thanet now, price 80p.Thanet Watch is a not-for-profit community magazine published by Thanet people for Thanet people.


  1. Why did the champagne socialists raise the price of this rag by 33% earlier this year?

    We should be told why these people are lining their pockets at the expense of those in society who can least afford it!!!!!

    1. You've just contradicted yourself John! The vast majority of socialists tend to be middle class; the real "working" class tend to be moderately right wing and are more likely to buy The Sun!

    2. Just like rabid right wing fool John Hamilton but the Sun is probably too left wing for this cyber-space laughing stock

    3. Peter, I often wonder about these so called 'class' labels. When I was a kid working class people tended to live in social housing, but they all had jobs, kept their gardens neat, sent their kids to school well scrubbed and had Sunday best outfits and front rooms for special occasions. Middle class folk owned their own semis and had jobs in the professions and the rich lived in bigger detached residences. Even then, however, voting habits did not exactly follow those social divides and it was not unusual to see a Labour poster in a leafy road semi window or a Conservative one on a council estate.

      Now the classes seem to be a 'working class' who don't actually work and live in social housing. They also probably don't vote either. People with jobs virtually all consider themselves middle class and all tend to be Labour when young, but often switch as they age and their brain kicks into gear. The rich, now ranging in social background from the likes of Allan Sugar and Tony Blair to the remaining few aristocrats, tend to be all over the place with their political leanings and party donations.

      Guess life ain't simple anymore, but, significantly, the right wing press well out sells the left thus tending to support the notion that the British are basically right of centre, the ground which all the major political parties seek to occupy. Personally I really do not think there is much support for either the far right or left in this country.

    4. The Sun is probably a bit too intellectual for him too Ian!

    5. Well said Peter. He certainly strikes me as not being one of Thanet's intellectual giants

    6. Well he's certainly not as gutless William!

    7. Peter, please don't start on the size of guts or you might just embarrass somebody! Anyway, to claim you can tell how brave or otherwise anyone is from comments on a blog site ranks alongside being able to tell if they are lying.

    8. Oh I forgot, John Hamilton has said all those things to Ian's face... NOT!!!

    9. Where have I mentioned the average socialist demographic cheggers? I simply point out that the champagne socialists that produce the Thanet Watch comic have raised the cover price by 33% to line their pockets, or are you claiming that tongue is a closet tory... Try to keep it relevant there's a good boy ;)

      Tell us Driver, what part of the political spectrum are you claiming to represent this week, as it's Thursday, there's no telling who you claim to represent this late in the week, could be anyone, apart of course from the poor electorate that were mislead into voting you in, Why won;t you stand for a by election Driver, seems you lack the courage that cheggers thinks you have, oh well, another voter mislead by you..

      Ah the Sun Cheggers, photographers and models a wanna be pornographer can only dream of. But you are right on one count, Driver certainly has more guts than anyone else in Thanet politics, shame it's not matched by integrity.

  2. Class Warriors always raise a smile in me. There have been some very funny Sitcoms in the past which feature the Class Warrior and his antics.

  3. VERY true mr Holyer, and real life class warriors really are just as funny, not to mention irrelevant.

    1. Hammy. What's your take on Ralph Miliband ? Class warrior ? I assume you are old enough to remember the emergence of the IRA threat in the 60s ? An avowedly Marxist organisation. Class warriors with guns and bombs and expertise. Denied their class war, Ballypurphy and Bloody Sunday saw to that, they went to ceasefire 1972 and PIRA emerged as the main terrorist republicans. With the occasional input of the Marxist INLA. Do you think Airey Neave found them funny and irrelevant ?

      The political wing of the INLA is the IRSP. Do you think that is funny and irrelevant to Thanet.

      I bet you have a mate you could ask ? Now I am laughing.


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