Monday, 16 September 2013

Ambrette to host ‘Flavours of Syria’ Charity Dinners

The Ambrette award-winning restaurants in Rye and Margate are to host two ‘Flavours of Syria’ gourmet evenings to raise funds for victims of conflict in the country.

Chef patron Dev Biswal has developed a special tasting menu of dishes from the region with the help of Turkish and Kurdish friends from the regions. The menu will be served on 15th September in Rye and 29th September in Margate, priced at £25 per head, £5 of which will be donated to Syria If the evening proves popular, The Ambrette will hold further similar events for the charity.

“Flavours of Syria is a humble effort from our team to contribute to the huge humanitarian crisis in the region,” said Dev, adding “Culinary traditions of a people are always a true reflection of the cultural splendour of their region - Syria is a classic illustration.

“The fusion of Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian and Christian cultures within Syria has produced an astounding and diverse cuisine. Researching the cuisine was an eye-opener to the fact that without the tags of ethnicity, beliefs, colour and origin we are all similar at heart. The urge to live, dine and feast is inherent to our genetic make up,” he said.

The Ambrette has recreated some classic Syrian dishes such as ‘Makdous-pickled stuffed eggplant in olive oil’, ‘Sharhat mtfay -  Lemon garlic thin steaks’ and "Roz Bhaleeb -Syrian rice pudding’.

Biswal feels that much of the media debate has focussed on whether the world should take military action against, over shadowing the human tragedy.

"Two wrongs do not make a right and never will do - there has to be another way other than violence and bloodshed.  My heart goes out to the people ofSyria,” added Biswal.

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