Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kent Green Party – Nigel Farage Dangerously Ignorant

UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage, has been described by  Kent Green Party as “dangerously ignorant” following his comments about fracking made whilst visiting Dover and Deal. According to reports Farage described fracking as a “God given opportunity” and “gift horse” (1) for the people of Kent.
Green Party spokesperson, Councillor Ian Driver said “Evidence is mounting that shale and coal bed methane gas extraction methods are extremely damaging. They deplete and pollute ground water supplies, increase greenhouse gas levels, cause earth tremors and destroy natural habitats”.
“In Kent 75% of our water comes from underground aquifers already under stress because of years of over extraction and pollution (2). Yet the latest applications to Kent County Council for exploratory drilling for shale and coal bed methane gas are located right on top of the East Kent Stour aquifer which supplies water for half-a-million people in the Ashford, Canterbury  Dover, Deal, and Thanet areas”(3).
“For Farage to describe a threat to the water security of one third of Kent’s population as a God-given gift-horse, suggests that he is a dangerously ignorant person who is out of touch with growing public concerns”.

“Kent Green Party is opposed to fracking. Instead of depending on fossil fuels, we propose major investments in developing new renewable energy sources” (4).

We will work closely with campaign groups across Kent to stop damaging gas extraction.  This will include taking peaceful direct action like Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, who was recently arrested at the Balcombe anti-fracking protest.
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FURTHER INFORMATION: Ian Driver, County Press Officer, Kent Green Party: Tel: 07866 588766.
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  1. There's no evidence that fracking will cause any such problems. Opposing anything fossil fuel related on principal its childish and ill-thought-out. Windmills are capable of producing just a fraction of the power we need at great cost, only a fool would consider relying on renewables for all our energy needs.

  2. How typical of the Green Party. If someone does not agree with their notion that we should all go back to cave dwelling and live by candle light they must be dangerously ignorant. Surely it is dangerously ignorant to overlook the world's rapidly expanding population and somehow believe that it can provide power for all these people from windmills. Every possible source of power needs to be researched if we are not to slide backwards in living standards.

    Strange how certain people who supported the miners strike and opposed the closure of pits can now condemn fossil fuels including attempts at cleaner coal fired power stations. You can't have it both ways folks.

  3. How convenient that Cllr Driver descends to scare-mongering, instead of admitting that one of the reasons we need more fuel is because the Labour party who promoted him before he took a dislike to their bullying, has been the cause of our population to rise so dramatically with their out of control immigration.

  4. well said William the elephant in the room "population growth and its effect on resources"

  5. Nigel Farage has made a grave misjudgement by jumping into bed with the fracking industry, surely the Balcombe outcome is a clear enough demonstration of the public's opposition to fracking.

    Let this be a timely warning that UKIP are nothing more than controlled opposition to the (soon to be) three-party coalition, controlled by the same old bankster run establishment, to replace the traditional Tory versus Labour two-party system.

    We do not need fossil fuels, nor do we need bloody windmills, as was demonstrated by Nikola Tesla with his Wardenclyffe Tower a century ago. Sadly for us, J.P. Morgan could see no future in free, clean, unmetered energy for the masses and promptly withdrew funding and had Tesla discredited and ostracised from the scientific community of the time.

    Wake up folks, fracking is not about abundant fuel nor energy independence FRACKING IS ABOUT CLEARING THE LAND, A LAND-GRAB IN LINE WITH THE U.N. AGENDA 21 TREATY

    1. Well there you have it folks straight from that well informed sage, old Bluenote himself. We don't need fracking, we don't need fossil fuels and we don't need windmills. Just a good old supply of warm jumpers and plenty of exercise.

    2. Looks as if you could do with a bit of exercise, Tom, old sport.

      Next you'll be telling me that lightning (which is a natural manifestation of the source of electrical energy that Tesla was tapping) is a myth too!

    3. Strange, Bluenote, only Rick would call me Tom so that kind of blows your cover and makes a nonsense of your complaint that I accused Richard Card of being Bluenote. By the way, where exactly does lightning strike so we can construct something to capture and harness all that power?

    4. And there was me thinking it was Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin who had the idea about the lightening, “we tried putting the harness on it, but the cart exploded and we never managed to catch the horse.

    5. Stop it, Michael, you're killing me, lol... Mary had obviously had not heard about the Bosnian Pyramids.

      As a keen reader, perhaps you would like to do a bit of research yourself; it appears that they were using this technology, possibly as far back as 25,000 years ago, in what is now known as Bosnia & Herzegovina and not too far from where Nikola Tesla was born. Here is a good place to start - bosnianpyramids(dot)org.

      Also fascinating is the kirlian photography of Harry Oldfield, you can find it at the above site, which clearly shows the vertical energy field above said pyramids, when otherwise the earth's energy field flows horizontally. This is why pilots are instructed not to fly over ancient pyramids to avoid sending the planes navigational instumentation and controls haywire.

      A further twist to this phenomenon could explain why we have not seen any successful NATO air-strikes on either Syria or Iran.

      A certain Iranian physician, M.T. Keshe, based in Brussels (at least he was until his laboratory was trashed by men in black, perhaps he is still there), developed an air defence system, utilising the earth's cosmic rays, that has, so far, captured a number of weaponised US unmanned drones and an Israeli fighter jet flying, uninvited, over Iranian or Syrian airspace, by knocking out state of the art NASA technology costing billions, with a gizmo that can be built for $100. Now that really is funny.

      @Tom... I could care less whether you call me Rick, but I am certain that Rick himself is getting rather peeved by it, and from what I can gather he is not the sort of bloke to get on the wrong side of, so for your own sake I would advise you to cut it out, old sport.

      You can hear all about it from the good man himself by googling the following - 21st century wire M T Keshe

    6. So Bluenote, are we to assume that you have adopted the role of Rick's minder through whom he issues threats. Please, if such is the case, convey to Rick that I really do not mind whether I am on his right or wrong side. I shall not be quaking at every knock on the door.

      If, by some freak chance you are not connected with Rick, perhaps you could explain why you keep referring to me as Tom?

    7. Assume what you like, Tom old sport. Like I said, I could care less.

    8. Tell you what, Bluenote, when were you at Hereford or even Longmoor? Don't even recall seeing you around the old D of Y Barracks on the Kings Road. Strange that with all your connections, but, what the hell, if you want to leave it then so will I. No more letters to the Town Clerk and I will try to stop myself peeing with laughter at some of your allegations.

  6. Ah bluenote, yet another Thanet nutter! I would suggest his posts are closer to the result of the famous brown note :)


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